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Vendor Info – Springfield Farmers’ Market

Springfield Farmers’ Market makes the food we eat local, healthy, and fun.

We provide an outlet for year-round sales for farmers and local food entrepreneurs. In keeping with Sprout!’s overall vision to promote healthy community through a vibrant local food economy,  Springfield Farmers’ Market encourages direct community participation in the food security of the Springfield/Eugene area.

This is accomplished through the market and giving farms and producers access to consumers who want to buy their products.

Interested in becoming a Springfield Farmers’ Market vendor? Follow these three easy steps:

Step 1: Review the Springfield Farmers’ Market Vendor Guidelines.

Step 2: If you feel that your business is a good fit for the Springfield Farmers’ Market, fill out our Vendor Application.

Step 3: Email your application to the Sprout Business Director and send the related application fee of $30 to:

Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation (NEDCO)
Attn: Lisa
212 Main St.
Springfield, OR 97477

Success Story: Coming Soon!!!

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